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  1. Driving in Morocco seems to be just a little bit more challenging than driving in parts of Europe. Some Moroccan drivers have rather a relaxed attitude to sticking to Road Code so observation is the key. Slow down and observe. Watch out for bicycles, motorbikes, donkeys and pedestrians unexpectedly crossing the road.
  2. We would advise you to be friendly and use as many as possible newly learnt words in Darija (a Moroccan dilect spoken in Morocco). Words like “salam alleykum” – literally meaning may peace be with you and used for hello,good morning, etc …“shokran”- thank you, “afak” – please, “trik” – road, way, “sh-hal” – how much, “bzef” –that’s too much.
    Moroccan people are very hospitable and warm. They appreciate foreigners visiting their beautiful country as tourism is a very strong industry in Morocco. Using just a few newly learnt words will let you communicate with the locals who will eagerly show you the way if you need it.
  3. Medina meaning an old town is usually a maze of narrow roads. Charming as they are it is quite difficult to move in medina even when using a small car. Our advice would be to park your car outside medina and walk in the old
    town. You will enjoy your stroll and have a peace of mind at the same time knowing that your car is parked in a
    safe location. Do not be misguided by the sight of Moroccan drivers “managing” the narrow roads. Majority of them are used to those roads. It must be said also that many of them are very relaxed about scratches, marks, grazes, scores and abrasions on their cars. However your rental provider, whoever they might be, may not be so understanding.
  4. When visiting Morocco you can use newly built motorways (charging reasonable rates) or perhaps use national roads for free and enjoy cafes and snack bars dotted at the road sides. Views will be breathtaking.
    When planning your trip take into account several points of interest available in the same area. We would suggest the followings trips:Casablanca, Rabat, Kasbat Oudaya
    Rabat, Volubilis UNESCO World Heritage Site, Meknes, Bab Mansour, Square of Elhdim, Moulay Ismael
    Mousoleum, Hari Swani
    Fes, Ifran, Azrou where you will see monkeys at ceder forest, Midelt
    Midelt to Merzouga via Erg Chebbi, Errachidia, Boumalne Dades, Ait Ben Haddou, Marrakech
  5. If you already find yourself in Morocco why not try visiting Sahara. The breathtaking views of sand and dunes will stay with you etched in your memory long after you leave Morocco. Combine the trip to Zagora or Ourazazate with camel rides. A night in a tent under the sky will be memorable.
  6. Waterfalls are amazing in Morocco. The closest waterfall near Marrakech is located in Ourika Valley 45 minutes drive away from Marrakech, called Ourika Cascades in High Atlas mountains. An unmissable waterfall is located in Ouzoud in Grand Atlas, about 2 hours 20 min drive from Marrakech (150 km).
  7. If possible reserve a GPS system available in different languages. For a small flat charge for the whole duration of your rental you can rest assured you will always find your way. Maps are also available on request. We would also recommend you take on our offer of a mobile phone rental with a Moroccan SIM card. The telephone is on prepayment plan with a min local call costing 1 dirhams (appx 10 cents or 7 pennies). That way you stay always connected and keep your roaming charges down on your GSM line.
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