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Terms and Conditions

For rent in Zima designated driver because the contract must be * age over 21 years, his license, valid must have a length of at least one year. This must be justified by the original documents.
In the case of the second driver / she must meet the same conditions as the first. His presence at the time contract is required.
Only drivers listed on the lease are allowed to drive the rented vehicle.


* Regulation of the cost of renting is the support vehicle, cash, bank transfer or credit card, the fare is based on the rental period which is calculated for every 24 hours non-divisible, from the moment delivery.
Our rates include unlimited mileage and vehicle maintenance.
The tenant agrees to return the vehicle to date on the contract, in the case of an extension of the duration of the lease, it is required to notify our agency.
* These rates can be changed depending on the length and the rental season.
* Credit card accepted and approved with an additional 6% (Committee on Interbank Electronic Banking Center)


*The reservation of the vehicle will be confirmed by a deposit at the time of delivery: imprint of a credit card or other payment equivalent.


* Our vehicles have comprehensive insurance, but any damage other than theft, fire, persons transported and liability, relief will not be bought at the expense of the customer and payable prior to departure.
For any accident, or a full or partial liability of the driver is involved, a finding is required, otherwise, any damage will be charged to the customer.

* N.B :The use of vehicles (excluding 4×4) outside of paved roads is not allowed. The damage in this case remain the responsibility of the driver.
Our insurance does not include::
* Damage to tyres
* The theft of personal items left in the vehicle

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